Using Workshops to Increase Your Greenhouse Business

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Fun Tradition Starts at the Local Greenhouse

Once a year on Mother’s Day, me and my mom go to a local greenhouse. We will pick out plain terra cotta pots, and small succulents or flowers. Then, we go home and paint the pots together and plant the plants in their new homes. This has always been a fun tradition for us to uphold, and it’s easy to do and rewarding when we finish.

This activity is something that you could easily do as a greenhouse owner. Holding a workshop such as this would create more business for your greenhouse, as well as free advertising. These workshops are a low-cost way to bring in more business! You may hold the workshops around holidays like Mother’s and Father’s Day or have themed workshops. One could even hold these workshops in the greenhouse provided the weather is warm enough!

Setting Up a Workshop

Setting up a workshop can be very low effort. Following these steps will give you a basic setup:

1. You will need an open space with benches and stools or other seating. Even a typical greenhouse bench could work very well for this workshop.

a. Using a setup in an actual greenhouse can make the experience more authentic and memorable!

2. You will need a stock of crafting supplies. Acrylic and spray paints, rhinestones, colored gravel, anything small that can be used for decorating the pots. Many dollar stores have craft supplies that would work very well for decorating pots at a low cost.

a. My recommendation would be to offer one size of pot for the workshop.

b. I have utilized the Dollar Tree for many crafting needs. Prices are low and they have many craft supplies!

3. You can offer specific succulents or flowers for people to choose for their pots.

Financial Benefits

So how profitable would this be? I have come up with a rough estimate of the financial side of a workshop. Of course, these will vary based on your costs of production. However, I hope this guide will give you an idea of whether a workshop is right for you!

If you price attending the workshop at $10 per person which includes the pot and then the plants are bought separately, you could easily make between $12- $15 per person. If you had twenty people at each workshop, at $12 per person, you could make around $250 at each workshop in gross profit. Let’s say you spent $30 on craft supplies for the workshop, and your COGS for the plants and pots was $60. This still gives you a net profit of approximately $160.

Other Workshop Benefits

Another positive to holding a workshop at your greenhouse is advertising. Promoting the event puts your business’s name into people’s minds for their plant needs. This can further your marketing plan, especially if you utilize social media. A workshop is a unique event so that would stick out to people and set you apart from other events.

The actual event brings people in so they can physically see your business and increases the chance of people returning to your business in the future. Increasing your customer base can increase profits. If you held workshops over multiple years, you could grow your customer base significantly.

In conclusion, a workshop is a unique event that can set you apart from other local businesses. It also allows you to increase your bottom line without increasing costs!

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Calley Knapp

Callie is a student at SUNY Cobleskill. She has been passionate about agriculture her whole life and is continuing agriculture pursuits as a major part of her college experience. She hopes to help others improve their businesses based on what I have learned through my experiences and education.

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