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Managing “Key” Resources Is More Difficult and More Important as Your Farm Grows

Resources are everything you use on your farm to grow, harvest and sell your crops. The tools and machinery, you and your crew, the fertilizer, compost, trellis materials, bed plastic, and other materials.

Key Resources are the few that are more expensive or more critical to your business success. Critical resources may change from year to year. Critical resources are the few that need careful planning, execution and control.

When you are the whole crew and are planting just a few beds, it is possible to work from memory or from a spreadsheet or two. But when there are more people involved on your market farm or market garden it becomes essential to have a more formal resource plan and to keep better control of the execution. It is at this step where ADAK Software becomes more valuable to your business and peace of mind.

Whether you grow flowers, vegetables or herbs, whether you are primarily a field operation, do everything in a greenhouse or use hydroponics, ADAK Software can help you gain control and increase profitability.

ADAK Software is designed for market farmers, produce farmers, vegetable and flower farmers, whether you sell through CSA shares, farmers’ markets, local wholesale (restaurants and food stores) and/or a farm store or stand.


Today’s Problems

  • You delayed planting, spraying or harvesting because “something” important was missing.
  • You had to make a choice between Crop A or Crop B, because of “resource” conflict.
  • You paid more than you should have because you were last in line.
  • Yield was down because some key component was missing or delayed.
  • Customers left without buying or bought less because what was planned was not there.

The FPM Solution

  • Key resources were planned and tied to your crop schedule well in advance.
  • You were able to “rearrange” the detail crop schedule to avoid conflicts and maximize profits.
  • You did not have to delay planting, spraying or harvesting for lack of a key resource and you paid a fair price for those key resources because you were able to make commitments earlier.
  • You delivered what you planned. Your customers were elated, or the few times circumstances or weather prevented delivery they understood because it was an exception not the rule and you were able to tell them in time so they could make other arrangements.
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