Forecasting costs and revenues is an important practice for the business minded farmer.

Best practices include having sufficient cost related data elements in your production system so that production schedules can be costed.

Farmers need to create labor and material budgets that are consistent with their sales plan and forecasts.

How do you reconcile actual schedules to the budget?

Built-in Budgeting

Farm Production Manager has budget built in functionality and visible on display grids.

Feature Discussion

Farm Production Manager includes budget cost elements on the Growing Template.

User created Resources also have a cost element, which are visible on schedule grids where users can filter by type and subtotal or export to a spreadsheet.

The Growing Template has cost elements for Labor, Material and Overhead. These values are visible on spreadsheet-like grids where they can be filtered, sorted along with the ability to group farm data, or easily export data to a spreadsheet.

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