Keeping Track of What Happened,
When and Where is Valuable Information.
We Make it Easy!

Our recordkeeping is integrated with your crop schedule.

Each growing method has designated milestones to make keeping your crop records easier. Direct seed crops have field planting, harvest start and harvest end milestones. Greenhouse started crops have starting one or more trays, plugs into the field, harvest start and harvest end milestones. Other planting methods have theirs. We set up a template for collecting data at each of these milestone points. Those recordkeeping templates include the data and information that was in its schedule. You just add the new details: hours taken, actual quantity, and notes, if desired (note: none of these data elements is required, collect just the record information what you want).

There are also other scheduled tasks. These can be just about anything you want to keep farm records of. They are scheduled based on days offset from your crops’ current scheduled milestones. The only difference is that you have to establish these resource-crop links, then their dependent schedules are automatically maintained by the system.

Finally, you can report on “unscheduled” tasks. These can be any task you want to keep track of for any crop. Just select from the established task list, select the order you want to relate it to, or leave the task as general (not an order connected task) and report the activity or material/input usage you want to keep track of.

ADAK Software is designed for market farmers, produce farmers, vegetable and flower farmers, whether you sell through CSA shares, farmers’ markets, local wholesale (restaurants and food stores) and/or a farm store or stand.

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