Crop Schedules, Record Keeping and Remote Phone Apps

Easily prepare and distribute Crop Schedules.

Perform record keeping transactions anywhere, anytime

using remote phone based apps that operate disconnected from the internet.

A Product That Grows With Your Business

We have implemented a number of new ideas in FPM and one of them is our concept of Methods (Planting Method, Growing Method, Harvest Method).

Our Method definitions are not going to change your approach to farming, but by providing you an opportunity to indicate the nature of your process very specifically, we can provide additional value to you in a variety of ways, such as automatically setting certain values or checking the range of values you have entered.

In the future we may automatically attach resources to your product model, or recommend that you do so yourself.

Model Your Products Perfectly

ADAK Software’s FPM allows incredible flexibility; configure the system, exactly the way you grow your products.
Below are just some of the options available to you.

A graphical view of Farm Production Manager's Growing Template Methods and the data stored in each area.
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