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Using complicated spreadsheets to manage a growing operation is for the birds.

Now there is a better way to schedule your crops. Grower Manager (GM) is an easy-to-use cloud-based grower management software that enables market farmers and produce growers to streamline their crop schedules and costs, budgeting, sales orders, and more.

Enter data once, and use it throughout the system. With GM, all of your seed-to-sale information is in one cohesive set of data that then can be input into detailed, highly customizable workflows for every step of your growing process.

Get your farm’s big picture or drill down into detailed single-record views for granular information, even on handheld devices!

From planning and scheduling, to planting, harvesting, and managing sales orders, GM will help you streamline your processes and increase efficiency, saving you time and expense.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets
  • Simplify crop scheduling
  • Improve efficiency
  • Automate processes
  • Streamline harvest management
  • Reconcile sales shipments to harvest schedules

Product Features

Put your home-grown spreadsheets out to pasture. With Grower Manager, managing your growing schedules and data just got more efficient, reliable, and powerful!

Growing Data: Streamline the input of your valuable growing data, including everything from planting to harvest.
Scheduling: Create planting, growing and harvest schedules for greenhouses and fields, including calculations like bed length requirements, and seed and tray quantities. Display and distribute activity lists for trays, direct seed, and harvest.

Recordkeeping: Record actual start quantities, dates and other values that occur during the growing process. Use the GM Recordkeeping app to enter results remotely.

Sales Orders: Record shipping requirements for each customer. Utilize special functionality for entering and managing CSA shares. Compare growing schedules to shipping schedules. Print harvest pick lists and shipping pick lists.
Reporting: Customize grid views to show just the data you need. Save customized views with your own names. Export to spreadsheet or print to PDF. View activity lists with our Android App, “ADAK GM,” which you can download and use for free. (iPhone app coming soon!)
Grower Manager can streamline your crop planning and scheduling processes.

How It Works

Grower Manager will have you scheduling plantings in no time! With just 5 steps, you can input and prepare your online database, setting variables that reflect your specific crops, methods, and growing environment.

Step 1: Initialize Prepare your new database with your growing operation data such as harvest yield rates, units of measure, bed dimensions, and custom production notes. Define locations including fields and greenhouses. Specify additional resources including trays, containers, and any other resource used by your process, such as plastic sheeting.

Step 2: Import Growing Data Import your crop product identifier data. GM has an easy-to-use spreadsheet importer that will facilitate this step. If you do not have spreadsheet data to import, then you can simply access our database of standard crop data, which is available free of charge. Just copy the products you need.

Step 3: Data Validation You’re only as good as your data! So, use GM’s powerful spreadsheet-like grids to validate and correct the data you have entered. Sort, filter, and use the multi-row updater—you will improve the quality of your production data significantly.

Step 4: Create Planting Schedules Create your planting schedules with the easy Add New Schedule dialog that supports the fast entry of succession plantings or serialized plantings where each plant is tracked individually.

Step 5: Activity Start Lists View, print, and share lists so your team knows what to start, when, and where. Use our remote app to view activity lists.

Step 6: Record Actual Results Recordkeeping screens allow you to report actual results, including quantities and dates. Also, lot numbers may be entered for each milestone step in the process. Use our remote app to report actual results.

Grower Planning & Scheduling

Growing is a complicated business. There are numerous variables—both controllable and not—that come into play in determining how much you can produce and when it will be ready for market. But Grower Manager takes the guesswork out of planning and scheduling, simplifying and streamlining the process. When events don’t happen as planned, GM will help you adjust the current plan—all activity lists and other views of the schedule are automatically updated.

  • Use Crop Scheduling to break your plan down into individual plantings; the robust database helps ensure that you will have sufficient key resources—greenhouse space, labor, cash on hand, etc.—when you need them.
  • Use Crop Planning to look at your existing markets, as well as new opportunities, and determine what crops you can and want to deliver each month.
Your custom growing templates streamline this process for you, collecting planting parameters and process notes. Look ahead and adjust your plans for key resource conflicts. React to changing circumstances by quickly adjusting your schedule—all reports are immediately and automatically updated whenever a change is made.

You just hit pay dirt!

Whether you are a market farmer, vegetable grower, or flower producer—whether you sell through CSA shares, farmers’ markets, local wholesale (restaurants and food stores), and/or a farm store or stand—we created Grower Manager just for you.

Input customized quantities, measurements, identifiers, and more; show, hide, and rearrange columns; sort, filter, and group your information—cloud-based Grower Manager gives you unlimited customized views of your farm data from anywhere (even on your smartphone)!

So, ditch those cumbersome spreadsheets and the countless headaches they’ve given you! No matter how big your produce farm or small market garden, Grower Manager will automate, streamline, and simplify your crop planning and scheduling process. You just got a whole lot more productive!

Time is money. You’ll save both when you use Grower Manager for your crop planning and scheduling.