All farmers agree on the importance of good Recordkeeping.

Maintaining production records provides invaluable information for future planning activities.

Complete Recordkeeping Control

Farm Production Manager Recordkeeping

Farm Production Manager provides a detailed Recordkeeping interface that includes desktop and remote device inputs.

Views of schedule record keeping data can be customized easily, because the Farm Production Manager User interface is independent of the data you stored.  Farmers have complete control over which columns are displayed and how the output is sorted. The record keeping data is always up to date with the last feedback transaction.  And accidentally modifying formulas or interfering with the view someone else has created never happens.

Recordkeeping Features

Farm Production  Record management features allow for easy record Milestone progress and supporting details including free form notes.

Record inputs on your phone or other handheld devices while disconnected from the Internet.

Views of data are easily customized for each individual using the system.  These customizations can be saved as layout detail with a User specified name.

With complete control over which columns are displayed and how output is sorted, Farm recordkeeping data is always up to date with the latest feedback and transaction data.

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