Planning and Scheduling

Planning and Scheduling are Critical to Market Farm Profitability

A profitable season on the farm starts with Crop planning and Crop scheduling.

Planning includes setting your financial goals and then deciding from your existing markets and new opportunities what crops you want and can deliver each month.

Crop scheduling breaks this plan down into individual plantings and checks that you will have sufficient key resources – greenhouse space, labor, cash or whatever might constrain you, when you need them. Later, you add details, such as variety and where each will be planted.

ADAK Software facilitates both the planning and scheduling steps. This process is streamlined by collecting planting parameters and process notes in our Growing Templates. Look ahead and adjust your plans for key resource conflicts. React to changing circumstances by quickly adjusting your schedule. All reports are immediately updated whenever a change is made.

ADAK Software is designed for market farmers, produce farmers, vegetable and flower growers, whether you sell through CSA shares, farmers’ markets, local wholesale (restaurants and food stores) and/or a farm store or stand.

Crop planning and scheduling for organic vegetables, no matter how big your market farm or small market garden is. ADAK Software, Farm Production Manger, is way better than spreadsheets!


Today’s Problems

  • Your crop schedules and related information are scattered in several spreadsheets, books, files and folders.
  • A lot of your data is missing, wrong or out of date.
  • After you enter the data, you have to sort, cut and paste to format each report.
  • If you make a small data change, then you have to sort, cut and paste all over again.
  • Problems, corrupted cells and equation errors are hard to find in your spreadsheet mess!

The FPM Solution

  • All your crop yield data and growing methods are safe, secure and up-to-date in one place.
  • When you enter data, the crop scheduling software checks that it is “reasonable.”
  • After you put the last piece of data in, you press a button to get your any key report.
  • Change a piece of data, just press a button to instantly get an updated report.
  • Able to look ahead to identify resource issues and fix them before they are a real problem

Crop planning and scheduling software
can save you time and money.

Crop planning spreadsheets are a good start,
but there is so much more integrated market farming software can do for you.

After you collect and organize your planting parameters in our Growing Templates, you can schedule a planting by just providing three pieces of information: select the crop; pick the date you want to start harvesting (or the date you want to start the planting); and enter how much you want! A planting is scheduled. You have taken advantage of the information entered previously to save time and get the details right.

Review the tray start dates and the field start date and make adjustments if necessary. As you develop your crop plan you can enter Field, Section and Bed location; you can enter specific variety. You can enter any planting specific notes greenhouse or field personnel will need. This is a full-featured crop scheduling application, a crop planning tool.

As soon as you are finished planning and scheduling your crops, you can view or print a number of Key Reports, including a series of planting calendars that show your crops by when they get started or when their harvest start.

You also get a seed and tray reports, showing exactly what and how many are required to support the schedule you just completed. Make one little change that affects any of these numbers and the reports are instantly ready with updated numbers.

You get reports that show your greenhouse and field utilization numbers by week. It sure is a lot easier fixing an over scheduled greenhouse before the season starts than to discover the problem as you try to fit an “extra” 50 trays in on a cold March afternoon!

Your crop production plan can also be used to coordinate key resources and important dependent tasks. Adjust the schedule and all the details related to your crop production schedule are automatically updated.

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