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Produce Growers Need More Than Just a Green Thumb for Success!

Whether using greenhouses, hydroponics, or field starts, there’s a new software tool that simplifies the business of running your farm. It saves you time and money, while boosting efficiency, productivity, and profits.

As a produce grower, you know that running a successful farm requires much more than simply putting seeds in the dirt and harvesting crops once they grow. You need careful crop planning, accurate supply chain management, adequate labor, detailed accounting, and on-time delivery of your produce. It’s a lot to keep track of, but the work is meaningful and satisfying.

From vegetables to fruit to flowers—traditionally or organically grown—produce growers plant, grow, and harvest the foods and plants that people want to find in their local supermarkets and garden stores. And proper crop scheduling will ensure you have the quantities needed to fill customer orders.

Grower Manager works by eliminating spreadsheets, simplifying crop scheduling, and improving your growing operation's efficiency.

The modern grower’s love-hate relationship with technology

Since the advent of the desktop computer, business-minded produce growers have utilized crop management spreadsheet templates, which can be found online or created from scratch. It was a cumbersome way to keep track of an intricate business like a farm, but it worked well enough.

The problem was, all of those tabs and tables were clunky. The crop schedules in one tab weren’t linked to the sales quantities in another. The budget figures were thrown off if you changed a data point in the supply or labor tab. Unless you are a tech guru, manipulating those crop management spreadsheets was practically a full-time job—on top of your full-time job!

At ADAK Software, we knew there had to be a more streamlined, efficient way to use technology for crop management. That’s why we created Grower Manager (GM).

Grower management software built for produce growers

Grower Manager is an easy-to-use, cloud-based grower management software that enables produce growers to streamline their crop schedules and costs, budgeting, sales orders, and more—all in one place.

Enter data once, and use it throughout the system. With GM, all of your seed-to-sale information is in one cohesive set of data that then can be input into detailed, highly customizable workflows for every step of your growing process.

Get your farm’s big picture or drill down into detailed single-record views for granular information, even on handheld devices!

From planning and scheduling, to planting, harvesting, and managing sales orders, GM will help produce growers to streamline processes and increase efficiency, saving you time and expense.

  • Eliminate spreadsheets
  • Simplify crop scheduling
  • Improve efficiency
  • Automate processes
  •  Streamline harvest management
  • Reconcile sales shipments to harvest schedules

Want to see for yourself how Grower Manager can simplify planning and scheduling processes for your growing operation?