Pricing & Free Trial Details

Price includes the modules Farm Data, Milestone Scheduling, Activity Lists,
Recordkeeping, Sales Order Entry, Resource Modeling, Lot Tracking,
Powerful Spreadsheet-like Grids, User Configured Grid Views,
Export to Spreadsheet and Word.

Feature Basic Product Advanced
Farm Data Management Growing Templates, Fields, Greenhouses, Trays, Containers
Milestone Schedules Schedule Management, & Activity Start Lists
Recordkeeping Milestone Starts & Completes, including quantities, dates, and notes.
User Defined Resources and Resource Profiles Resource requirements can be precisely tied to Milestone events. Model anything you can imagine!
Lot Tracking – Seed to Harvest
Map Your FarmCreate a Map of your fields.
User Controled Views on Data GridsCreate and save layouts so that one screen can support unlimited customized layouts.
Export to Excel and Word
Remote Recordkeeping App
Google Play Store – FPM Recordkeeping
Sales Order Entry
CSA Share Configuration
Reconcile Delivery Schedules to Growing Schedules
Publish Available Product to Web Page Service Future
QuickBooks Integration Future

Free Trial – Getting Started Details

Click “Start Free Trial,” create your farm database, enter your data, schedule your crops, and see how Farm Production Manager works for your farm! Take a long as you need. No cost for up to 15 plantings or ½ acre scheduled per year.

Pricing starts at $120 per year for up to 200 plantings or 20 acres and 2 users,
Then $180 per year for up to 400 plantings or 40 acres and 4 users.

For larger operations or those with multiple producing locations, contact us for pricing.

If you complete our on-line introductory course, the first year is free!


Free Trial Details

Start your 4 Week free trial below, schedule your crops, and see how Farm Production Manager works for your farm. Load as many plantings and schedule as many acres as you want during free trial.


Up to 200 plantings or 20 acres scheduled per year – $10 / month

Up to 400 plantings or 40 acres scheduled per year – $15 per / month

Add additional users – $5 for each additional user / month

Larger operations, or those with multiple producing locations –  contact us for pricing.

Limited time offer!

Complete our on-line introductory course, and your first year of FPM is free!

Let Us Load Your Existing Data

We know getting started with a new system can be a daunting and time consuming task.  For a limited time, we will load your crop planting data and most recent schedules for a special price of $50. If you don’t get value from our system then we will refund your money.

Email with questions regarding how to get started.

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