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Organic Farming Practices

Life beneath the soil

Life Beneath the Soil

For the market farmer, soil health is critically important. The soil is a generic term for the upper layer of the Earth’s crust. In fact, there are six soil layers
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organic farming field

What is Organic and How to Get Certified

What Does Certified Organic Mean? The last decade has seen a surge of organic products and farms. From grocery items to cosmetics, to textiles the label organic can be found
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What Are the Requirements for Organic Certification?

By Susan Beal As people worldwide understand the importance of taking control of their health, they are also taking control of their eating habits, and that is one factor that
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No till farming

The Deeper Benefits of No-Till Farming – Part III

Welcome to the third part of our series addressing the benefits of No-till Farming. In the early part of the series, we went over the physical changes of the land
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Part II – What to Expect When Going No-till

Welcome to Part II of This Series on No-till Farming. We left off discussing the relationship of the land, what it produces, and the consumers who buy the end product.
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No till soil sample

What is No-Till Farming?

By David Stillwell No-till farming is just as the name describes it is farming without tilling the ground. The system goes a bit deeper and is very much at odds
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Using Companion Planting to Eliminate the Need for Herbicides, Insecticides and Pesticides

Companion planting began as a simple way for Ancient civilizations to improve their crop harvests by planting two or more different plants next to or near the plants they were
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Attracting and Utilizing Beneficial Insects

There is lots of buzz lately about the plight of insects, especially bees. Market gardeners have it tough. Learn a few Dos and Don'ts to working with beneficial insects!
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Automated farctory farm showing the crop density possible with automated watering, lighting and temperature control.

Autonomous Farms and the Future of High Tech Agriculture

There are few endowments among the human race that are as fundamental to our rise in global presence and ongoing existence as our agricultural aptitude. We quickly learned that the cultivation of field crops and livestock was far superior to the primitive nomadic lifestyle we had been living.
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Basket of Fresh Mushrooms Collected in the Morning.

Mushrooms:​ ​Why​ ​and​ ​How​ ​You​ ​Should​ ​Grow​ ​Them

Mushrooms are fascinating organisms that deserve the attention of more farmers and gardeners. Growing mushrooms is a good idea for multiple reasons, and can be done in a few different ways – though it also poses some challenges.
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