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Leaf with disease spots

Becoming a Disease Manager

About Erik Vegeto Erik is a student of Plant, Soil and Insect Science at Umass Amherst. He has a passion for restorative agriculture and environmental stewardship that drives him forward into new frontiers of thought. Erik loves to read, play guitar, and be creative. One day he hopes to have his own farm and write for a living.
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KCl Extractions Lab.png

The Soil is Alive – Updates from University of Kentucky Integrated Plant and Soil Science

The Soil Is Alive! Did you know that a teaspoon of productive soil contains between 100 million and 1 billion bacteria? That adds up to equal the weight of two
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Using Perennials

By Meylin Muniz The Benefits of Perennials Apples, pecans, asparagus, and blackberries- what do these delicious foods have in common? Depending on your climate zone, each of these can be
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Runoff from harmful algal blooms

The Effects of Fertilizer Runoff

Fertilizer Use Revolutionized Food Production Have you ever wondered why so many people are concerned about the use of fertilizer in agriculture and the impact of field runoff on the
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Have you Heard about Hydroponic Lettuce Farming?

Soilless Cultivation Practice Hydroponic lettuce farming is a soilless cultivation practice that uses water and dissolved nutrient salts to grow plants. Here at Umass Hydroponics romaine lettuce is grown on
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Life beneath the soil

Life Beneath the Soil

For the market farmer, soil health is critically important. The soil is a generic term for the upper layer of the Earth’s crust. In fact, there are six soil layers
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Plant grafts

What Plant Propagation Methods Fit Your Needs?

Easy Propagation by Division Since some plants have trouble reproducing on their own, humans have created plant propagation methods to help aid in asexual reproduction. The first main type of
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Farm Sales Order Entry

Sales Orders and Farm Production Systems for Vegetable and Flower Growers

The Sales Order Entry (SOE) function, also known as Customer Order Entry, is the Supply Chain gateway for external demand flowing into the farm fulfillment process, and ultimately to the
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Sweet Potato Question Mark

Are All Sweet Potatoes “GMOs”?

Are you growing, buying, or eating “GMO” sweet potatoes? How would you know? Over the past few decades, advances in the field of genetic engineering have occurred alongside increasing public
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No till farming

The Deeper Benefits of No-Till Farming – Part III

Welcome to the third part of our series addressing the benefits of No-till Farming. In the early part of the series, we went over the physical changes of the land
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