Our Mission

Provide the modern business-minded farmer with software that is easy to implement and use, resulting in more effective production planning and inventory control activities.

We understand that in order to be successful using a computer planning system, the software must provide an intuitive and practical model of the operation to be managed. We believe we have achieved this goal as outlined below.

Our Model – Milestone Growing Steps

We have implemented three Milestone processes:

  • Greenhouse Tray Start with transfer to Field for Growing & Harvest
  • Direct Seed Start with Field Growing & Harvest
  • Greenhouse Tray Start with Greenhouse Growing & Harvest, our hydroponics solution.

Data Organization

We started by creating the Growing Template, which is where Product (Crop) production data is housed. Then, with in the Growing Template, we organize your data in a logical way so that it is easy to find and manage. The data is grouped into logical categories and the groups are visible only when needed.

Farm Methods

We defined three new terms which reflect the Methods that farmers execute when planning and managing their process. By defining the Methods, it is possible for us to program functionality targeting these Methods.

  • Planting Methods
  • Growing Methods
  • Harvest Methods

We are very excited about our system and we think you will be too.
Please send your thoughts to : FarmSupport@ADAKSoftware.com

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