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Market Farm Development

Labor Costs

Increasing Farm Wages: A Labor Crisis and the Effects on Agriculture

Rising Farm Wages and Labor Costs May Lead to Higher Grocery Bills Farms across America are struggling to secure sufficient labor and pay increasing minimum wages. This issue is most
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Farm laborer picking beans

Small Farm Labor: Hiring Freelance Laborers or Employees

You may be able to start a small farm with just your own labor and the help of family members and friends, but eventually a successful market farming operation will
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Cover Crop

Cover Cropping – Techniques for Creating Productive Soil

Part 1: Should You Cover Crop?  Yes! But only if you are willing to put in the time, money, and effort that having a successful cover crop requires. Most farmers
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Farm fresh chef's vegetables

Selling to Chefs: Overcoming the Logistic Challenges

By Adrienne Cohen Whether you call it farm to table, locally sourced food, or a hyper-local food revolution, today’s hot trend is toward buying ingredients that are produced closer to the
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Plant grafts

What Plant Propagation Methods Fit Your Needs?

Easy Propagation by Division Since some plants have trouble reproducing on their own, humans have created plant propagation methods to help aid in asexual reproduction. The first main type of
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6 Market Farming Crops That Tap Into the Healthy Holiday Cooking Trend

When you’re trying to make the most of limited greenhouse resources, trying to plan your crop scheduling around culinary trends may sound futile. However, a willingness to at least try
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Red spider mites on leaf

Scouting for Harmful Insects – Market Farmers Introduction

Some insects are good, some not so. Each year it is estimated insects cause a billion dollars of crop damage. What insects are visiting your crops?
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homegrown fruit basket

Farm Production Manager – Product Announcement!

Albany, New York – ADAK Software is excited to announce the launch of Farm Production Manager. This innovative vegetable and flower growing production planning and management software application will transform the way Business Minded Farmers plan
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Red barn shown in quiet, cold winter - a good time to plan for next year!

Why Winter Is The Best Season For Expanding Your Farm’s Infrastructure

Unless you live in Southern California, Florida, or other parts of the Deep South, winter is likely a fallow time with few viable crops and little income on the farm. While some farmers may use the time for vacationing, most market growers are operating on a tight enough budget that they need to do as much productive work as possible during the down season. Winter is the ideal time for upgrading infrastructure on the farm regardless of the size of your operation.
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