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Farm Marketing & Sales

Labor Costs

Increasing Farm Wages: A Labor Crisis and the Effects on Agriculture

Rising Farm Wages and Labor Costs May Lead to Higher Grocery Bills Farms across America are struggling to secure sufficient labor and pay increasing minimum wages. This issue is most
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Farm fresh chef's vegetables

Selling to Chefs: Overcoming the Logistic Challenges

By Adrienne Cohen Whether you call it farm to table, locally sourced food, or a hyper-local food revolution, today’s hot trend is toward buying ingredients that are produced closer to the
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What Are the Requirements for Organic Certification?

By Susan Beal As people worldwide understand the importance of taking control of their health, they are also taking control of their eating habits, and that is one factor that
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Farm Sales Order Entry

Sales Orders and Farm Production Systems for Vegetable and Flower Growers

The Sales Order Entry (SOE) function, also known as Customer Order Entry, is the Supply Chain gateway for external demand flowing into the farm fulfillment process, and ultimately to the
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E coli sample in romaine lettuce

How Can Farmers Deal With the CDC’s Romaine Lettuce Safety Alert?

It is happening again. For the second time since April or May, the CDC issued a nationwide safety alert regarding Romaine Lettuce. Once again, the problem associated with that particular type
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Holiday Farm Sales – An Opportunity Not to be Missed!

Image courtesy of The Misty Manor Mercers Looking at the Black Friday and Small Business Saturday ads the past few days, the pain that many farmers feel this time of year
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6 Market Farming Crops That Tap Into the Healthy Holiday Cooking Trend

When you’re trying to make the most of limited greenhouse resources, trying to plan your crop scheduling around culinary trends may sound futile. However, a willingness to at least try
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Farmer Market display ready to sell vegetables

Fitting and Proper: Setting Up a Farmers Market Booth that Sells

When you go to a farmers market, there are some booths that are almost overwhelmed with customers and other stands that just don't do so well. What's the difference between these booths? When I started my first real business over two decades ago, my display was pretty bad. I barely sold anything. Since that time, I've improved how I set up a display, whether it's selling mulberries and eggs at a farmers market booth or art prints, fiber art and flameworked glass jewelry.
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There are many aspects to running your own market farm - these forms provide a glimpse of the tax and legalese, just one area.

Legalese: Concerns When Setting Up a Direct-to-Consumer Operation

When you start growing for market, you only need to worry about growing good farm products and finding customers to buy them, right? Unfortunately, in today's legal world, there are a wide range of requirements you'll need to meet as a market gardener. Some of these issues cover public health; others tie into specific regulations while others cover liability if someone comes to your farm and is injured. Here are some common issues that come up when you're establishing a market farming business and how to protect yourself and your farm against risk. when getting into business selling direct to the consumer.
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Dinner at Farm-to-Table Restaurant

How to Find Restaurants to Partner with for Farm-to-Table Contracts

There's not a small farmer or market grower in the country who hasn't heard of the booming farm-to-table movement, but that doesn't mean everyone feels equally comfortable diving into the world of selling directly to restaurants. It's true, contacting restaurants with Michelin stars and month-long waiting lists for reservations is intimidating to someone who only has experience selling directly to farmer's market customers or through an impersonal wholesale contract. However, taking the plunge with a smart plan of attack could help turn a struggling farm into a thriving one.
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