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Farm Food

Sweet Potato Question Mark

Are All Sweet Potatoes “GMOs”?

Are you growing, buying, or eating “GMO” sweet potatoes? How would you know? Over the past few decades, advances in the field of genetic engineering have occurred alongside increasing public
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Using Perennials

By Meylin Muniz The Benefits of Perennials Apples, pecans, asparagus, and blackberries- what do these delicious foods have in common? Depending on your climate zone, each of these can be
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Farm fresh chef's vegetables

Selling to Chefs: Overcoming the Logistic Challenges

By Adrienne Cohen Whether you call it farm to table, locally sourced food, or a hyper-local food revolution, today’s hot trend is toward buying ingredients that are produced closer to the
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Crowded pumpkin field ready to harvest on a cloudy Autumn day

It’s Pumpkin Season!

This large, orange fruit (yes- fruit!) is typically associated with autumn and the Halloween and Thanksgiving holidays. Pumpkins always remind me of cooler temperatures, changing leaves, and time with family and friends. Not only are pumpkins a fall staple in the United States, but they are also full of nutrients and are being used as flavoring in more and more food products. Read more to find out how pumpkins are harvested and how you can use them in some of your favorite dishes this season!
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Have you Heard about Hydroponic Lettuce Farming?

Soilless Cultivation Practice Hydroponic lettuce farming is a soilless cultivation practice that uses water and dissolved nutrient salts to grow plants. Here at Umass Hydroponics romaine lettuce is grown on
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Holiday Farm Sales – An Opportunity Not to be Missed!

Image courtesy of The Misty Manor Mercers Looking at the Black Friday and Small Business Saturday ads the past few days, the pain that many farmers feel this time of year
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6 Market Farming Crops That Tap Into the Healthy Holiday Cooking Trend

When you’re trying to make the most of limited greenhouse resources, trying to plan your crop scheduling around culinary trends may sound futile. However, a willingness to at least try
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Flower Salad

Wake Up and Smell the Flowers

Restaurant chefs and gourmet bakers have long been proponents of unusual herbs and flowers to enhance food flavor and add visual excitement. Most cooks have little experience with edible flowers, however, and growers have traditionally
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Asparagus growing in field


Asparagus is known for it’s rich, succulent flavor and has been seen as a delicacy since ancient times. This vegetable is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Asparagus is best consumed during the spring months (April-May), when its stalk is nice and strong. Make sure you hurry and eat your asparagus- it has a short season and deteriorates quickly after picking!
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Fresh picked strawberries, sitting in pile ready to use in salad or eat!


Did you know that the United States is the world’s largest commercial producer of strawberries? The U.S. produces 3 billion pounds of strawberries per year! Fresh strawberries are characterized by their red color, juicy texture, distinct aroma, and sweet, fruity flavor. Since there are over 500 varieties of strawberries grown worldwide, you can easily buy strawberries year-round.
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