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large farm fields

Using Your Local Agricultural Extension Office

Farmers – familiarize yourself with using your local agricultural extension office and the resources it offers Every farmer should be familiar with using their local extension office, the resources it
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organic farming field

What is Organic and How to Get Certified

What Does Certified Organic Mean? The last decade has seen a surge of organic products and farms. From grocery items to cosmetics, to textiles the label organic can be found
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papaya fruit part of South Florida’s Warming Climate

Seeds of Hope: New Crops Emerge for South Florida’s Warming Climate

Growing food in the country’s hottest city is no joke. Miami producers and plants alike are hardened veterans in roughing out the bugs, the plagues, and the heat. It’s why
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Leaf with disease spots

Becoming a Disease Manager

About Erik Vegeto Erik is a student of Plant, Soil and Insect Science at Umass Amherst. He has a passion for restorative agriculture and environmental stewardship that drives him forward into new frontiers of thought. Erik loves to read, play guitar, and be creative. One day he hopes to have his own farm and write for a living.
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Cover Crop

Cover Cropping – Techniques for Creating Productive Soil

Part 1: Should You Cover Crop?  Yes! But only if you are willing to put in the time, money, and effort that having a successful cover crop requires. Most farmers
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KCl Extractions Lab.png

The Soil is Alive – Updates from University of Kentucky Integrated Plant and Soil Science

The Soil Is Alive! Did you know that a teaspoon of productive soil contains between 100 million and 1 billion bacteria? That adds up to equal the weight of two
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