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Flowering Up Food with Edible Flowers

Edible Flowers Demand Driven by Social Media The rise of social media applications such as Instagram and Pinterest have increased the demand for photogenic food. More people are eating gorgeous food thus leading to an influx in demand for edible flowers. The food industry is pressured to provide tasty and photogenic food; therefore, chefs are […]

Agroinformatics: Measuring Progress in Data, not Yield

The Evolution of Farm Tech Throughout time, the greatest agricultural progress has been measured in lengths we like to refer to as revolutions. The first occurred as humans transitioned from scattered hunter-gatherers to the society of farmers we recognize today. The second, often called the mechanical or chemical revolution, coincided with the industrial revolution. During […]

Hydroponics – The New Organic Way of Farming?

What is Organic Farming? Organic farming is a method of crop and livestock production that involves choosing not to use pesticides, fertilizer, GMOs, antibiotics, and growth hormones. Organic farming is an effort towards promoting more sustainable enterprises while keeping peace with the environment. Organic production is merely a way to work with the environment and […]

Composting for the Market Farmer – Does it Make Sense?

Composition and Structure of the Soil Profile Let’s discuss some of the essential aspects related to composting for the market farmer. One of the core tenets behind vegetable crop production is the absorption of water and nutrients through crop roots. The breakdown of the science behind maximizing crop nutrient and water absorption relies heavily on […]

Organic Soil Improvement Study

Organic Soil Improvement is Important The health of the soil determines the growth of your crops and ultimately your success as a farmer or gardener. Growing up on a farm, I realized the importance of soil early on. It was my mom’s worst enemy as she tried to rid our house and clothes of it […]

Food Safety on the Farm:

Overview of USDA Good Agricultural Practices/Good Handling Practices (GAP/GHP) Food Safety Standards Farm Grown and Certified Safe Food safety on the farm starts with standards important to all farmers. Whether you sell directly to consumers, to a wholesaler, or even to a processing facility, food safety certification assures your buyers that your product is safe […]

How to Maximize Productivity Without Using a Grow Box

Grow Boxes Are Innovative, But Come With Limitations We have all seen the recent articles popping up the past few years about precision agriculture maximizing productivity. The most interesting of these innovations, in my opinion, is the Grow Box. A Grow Box allows for a large amount of production to happen in a condensed setting. […]

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