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Marketing Your Sunflowers

There are so many different ways to market and sell sunflowers.  This past Fall we decided to grow them to sell by the stem or pick-your-own at our retail stand along with pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn. One of the best things about these flowers is that they were visible from the main road near the stand and so it attracted more customers to our stand when they saw this pumpkin field with [...]

Planting in July?? – GTTY July

Gardening Through the Year! July is an intense gardening month.  There is still planting to do, harvesting is getting into full swing and preserving is just starting.  In the busyness of this time of year, take time to watch and appreciate the beauty and cooperation of all living things.  Be grateful.


Asparagus is known for it’s rich, succulent flavor and has been seen as a delicacy since ancient times. This vegetable is packed with vitamins and antioxidants. Asparagus is best consumed during the spring months (April-May), when its stalk is nice and strong. Make sure you hurry and eat your asparagus- it has a short season and deteriorates quickly after picking!

Welcome Visitors – GTTY June

Gardening Through the Year! In June the focus of your garden shifts from planting to harvesting and preserving.  Strawberries and mulberries ripen now.  Spinach, lettuce, broccoli, all other greens and peas are among the vegetables that are ready to pick.  Also, this is the month to pick and preserve your perennial herbs -- thyme, oregano, marjoram, tarragon, chives, winter savory and sage. 

Sunflower Variety Selection

Sunflowers are a very popular cut flower and have potential to add diversity to any market grower’s product mix.  We started growing a few last Fall for our seasonal retail stand to add diversity to our pumpkin patch.  There are many different options when looking at selecting varieties to grow.  There are differences in single stem or branching, pollen or pollenless, stem strength, blooms [...]


Did you know that the United States is the world’s largest commercial producer of strawberries? The U.S. produces 3 billion pounds of strawberries per year! Fresh strawberries are characterized by their red color, juicy texture, distinct aroma, and sweet, fruity flavor. Since there are over 500 varieties of strawberries grown worldwide, you can easily buy strawberries year-round.

Farm Production Manager – Product Announcement!

Albany, New York – ADAK Software is excited to announce the launch of Farm Production Manager. This innovative vegetable and flower growing production planning and management software application will transform the way Business Minded Farmers plan and control production on their farms. This includes greenhouses and hydroponics facilities. The official launch date for Farm Production [...]

Ahh! May in the Garden – GTTY May

Gardening Through the Year! It is hard to pick a favorite gardening month or gardening activity for that matter, but May combines the joy of setting out seedlings, planting seeds, harvesting the first vegetables and all without mosquitoes.  The air and soil are warm.  The rains are plentiful (usually).  The pests are few. 

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