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About Grower Manager (GM)

Grower Manager (GM) from ADAK Software is a revolutionary, easy-to-use, cloud-based farm management software that enables market farmers and produce growers to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and improve customer service.

From planning and scheduling, to planting, harvesting, and managing sales orders, GM will help you streamline your processes and increase efficiency, saving you time and expense.

  • Cloud-based, multi-user platform for easy access from any web-enabled device
  • Enter data once, and use it throughout the system
  • Quickly schedule vegetable and/or flower crops
  • Determine precise seed and tray requirements
  • Instantly generate task lists and other custom reports
  • Print field and greenhouse schedules
  • Easily schedule and budget your key resources
  • Check field and greenhouse utilization by week
  • Calculate harvest quantities and timing
  • Export data for analysis and ad hoc reports
Grower Manager works by eliminating spreadsheets, simplifying crop scheduling, and improving your farm’s efficiency.

The computer technology revolution meets the farming industry

In the last quarter of the 20th century, computers revolutionized the way manufacturing operations worked, applying computer software to formerly manual processes like production scheduling, inventory management, sales order entry, purchasing, and production planning.

This same computer technology revolution is now transforming the farming community, allowing farmers to spend less time at their desks and more time and energy focusing on their core business: producing food and other products for an ever-growing population.

But to do this, business-minded farmers must learn and adapt to these modern business management methods and technologies.

Our Vision: Creating the perfect farm management software

Most market farmers and produce growers today have been using computers the same way most households use computers: searching the internet, emailing, purchasing products online, word processing, and managing their businesses’ finances using home-grown spreadsheets.

Business-minded farmers see the enormous potential of using computer technology even more effectively to improve their farms’ productivity, reduce clerical errors, track production outputs, and create budgets.

But the biggest challenge for these forward-thinking farmers has been creating a computer-based scheduling model that accurately represents the complexity of the farming industry’s unique activities. The farm spreadsheet templates available on the internet just don’t cut it because farming has numerous variables and dependencies.

Want to see for yourself how Grower Manager can simplify your crop planning and scheduling processes?

As a business-minded market farmer or produce grower, if you were to create the ideal farm management software, it likely would:

  • Account for the dependent requirements that flow from the sales order entry process backward to the point where you must purchase seeds and other resources. The software must accurately answer the questions: What should I order? When should I order it? How much should I order?
  • Provide activity lists for what must be done, how much must be spent, and where product is to be grown or stored. This means calculating key dependent quantities such as field and greenhouse start quantities, space requirements, bed length, tray quantities, amendments, and much more, and then time-phasing the requirements with respect to the planned sales delivery.

When we created ADAK Software’s flagship product, Grower Manager (GM), these were our requirements too.

Our mission

To provide the modern business-minded farmer with farm management software that is easy to implement and use, resulting in more effective crop planning and inventory control activities.