Marketing Your Sunflowers

Large Outside Sunflower and Pumpkin Display at recent farmers market

There are so many different ways to market and sell sunflowers.  This past Fall we decided to grow them to sell by the stem or pick-your-own at our retail stand along with pumpkins, gourds, and Indian corn. One of the best things about these flowers is that they were visible from the main road near the stand and so it attracted more customers to our stand when they saw this pumpkin field with beautiful sunflowers in it.  One of my good friends sells her flowers at the local farmers markets and has a lot of success.

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Planting in July?? – GTTY July

By July everything in the garden is growing full speed ahead!

Gardening Through the Year!

July is an intense gardening month.  There is still planting to do, harvesting is getting into full swing and preserving is just starting.  In the busyness of this time of year, take time to watch and appreciate the beauty and cooperation of all living things.  Be grateful.

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