Farm Production Manager – Product Announcement!

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Albany, New York – ADAK Software is excited to announce the launch of Farm Production Manager. This innovative vegetable and flower growing production planning and management software application will transform the way Business Minded Farmers plan and control production on their farms. This includes greenhouses and hydroponics facilities. The official launch date for Farm Production Manager is September 24, 2018.

ADAK Software believes Farm Production Manager will replace the collections of homegrown spreadsheets that most farmers use today.

Our customers are Market Farmers of all types; vegetable, flower and fruit growers, organic and natural. They will no longer need to use complicated formulas to calculate requirements for field area, critical resources and purchased components.  This modern digital tool for the business-minded farmer will enable adopters to become more agile competitors. User will react faster to changes in the supply chain and anticipate capacity and material requirements.

Farm Production Manager is available in the cloud on a subscription basis. The application can be deployed at significantly lower operating costs over time. The system outperforms spreadsheet driven systems currently used by many market farmers.  Also, cloud-based performance provides much better data security and availability than local in-house networks.

Managing the Growing Process

The Farm Management application uses a simple production model to define the growing process. It’s all-inclusive, from seed purchase to greenhouse transition, and field planting to the harvest event. Farmers start by entering harvest output and harvest dates for a given product or crop. Then, the Farm Production scheduler instantly calculates all dependent dates and quantities. Farmers can also schedule crops forward from the planting date.

The system comes with a resource planning capability which allows Farmers to extend the Production plan quantities and dates. User defined resources can be connected to a crop as a bill of resources. So, the entirety of activities and resources that can be scheduled includes production starts and completes for trays and fields. Harvest activity can be scheduled with any combination of user specified resources.

Outputs are available via an array of reports. Focused task lists are deployed in dynamic tabular grids that support users’ farm specific real-time customizations. Farmers can show or hide columns, rearrange the order, sort filter and group.

Finally, Farm Production Manager’s Record Keeping feature allows the farmer to track results at each stage of the plan. Smartphones and tablets will provide for remote recordkeeping tasks, in the farmhouse, greenhouse or in the field. The Farm Product Manager Record Keeping App, will soon be available for download from the Google and Apple app stores.

Farm Production Manager – Customer Testimonial 

It’s hard to explain how useful this program is. I’ve tried all the other ones. Nothing comes close.

Yes, you have to put the data in. But then it’s magic every crop, every field, row foot, greenhouse tray, harvest #’s, dates, customer, seed count and so much more display in multiple formats and reports.

CLICK and reformat or customize any REPORT and export with multiple options.

Combines all my market demands into one crop plan. The resources / tasks feature keeps my field operations on schedule

Bob Walker ~ Farm Manager
Katchkie Farm ~ Kinderhook, NY


About Katchkie Farm

Katchkie Farm is a year-round NOFA-certified organic Community Supported Agriculture farm in Kinderhook, New York. Katchkie is dedicated to building connections between consumers, food professionals & families and healthy, delicious local food. The farm prides itself on holistic stewardship of the land and its bounty. Katchkie’s partnership with the Sylvia Center enhances our educational mission by hosting children for hands-on farm-to-table culinary experiences and supporting their cooking programs in New York City.

 About ADAK Software, LLC

ADAK Software has been developing scheduling software and working with farms to schedule their crops and keep records, since 1996. ADAK aggressively adopts and incorporates new technology into its products with Farm Production Manager available as a completely cloud-based application. We have an industrial strength backend using Microsoft Azure SQL Server and the best user interface technology available. Farm Production Manager’s user interface is customizable by the User and data interactions with the cloud are fast and responsive. ADAK also offer mobile apps to extend the utility of our product to areas where internet connectivity does not exist.