Edible Sunflower Seeds – Another Opportunity!

Sunflower seeds are a healthy and tasty treat you can grow yourself.

A snack at the ball park on a sunny day, as a topping on a fresh salad, or packed away in your lunchbox for an afternoon snack, sunflower seeds are versatile and tasty.  You can find them at any grocery store, but there is something special about being able to grow and roast your own sunflower seeds!

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Fitting and Proper: Setting Up a Farmers Market Booth that Sells

Farmer Market display ready to sell vegetables

When you go to a farmers market, there are some booths that are almost overwhelmed with customers and other stands that just don’t do so well. What’s the difference between these booths? When I started my first real business over two decades ago, my display was pretty bad. I barely sold anything. Since that time, I’ve improved how I set up a display, whether it’s selling mulberries and eggs at a farmers market booth or art prints, fiber art and flameworked glass jewelry.

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New Beginnings – GTTY April

Smart pots and watering planters are among the many tools to extend gardening in upstate NY.

Gardening Through the Year!

Harvesting in April is one of the best surprises of gardening here in the Northeast.  The snow recedes and the ground begins to warm and suddenly there can be food everywhere.  There are three sources of this bounty – perennial vegetables, herbs and wild foods.

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