Edible Flower: Varieties to Expand Both Food & Flower Operations

Edible Day Lily adds variety, color, insect attractant and wonderful smells to you market garden and farm stand.

Eating flowers rather than just admiring them in a garden or vase sounds like a modern fad, but there’s evidence that humans have been munching on colorful blossoms since the Stone Age. The trend of using flowers as food has come and gone over the ages and it’s returning right now in full force. There are thousands of edible flowers, yet not all of them taste good enough to entice farmer’s market shoppers to want to spend hard-earned money on them.

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Is It Spring Yet?? – GTTY March

Yes, gardening in March can be productive

Gardening Through the Year!

Gardening has many challenges and and waiting through the month of March is one of them.  Every March is different — almost all come in like a lion.  When the lamb begins to shyly emerge in the middle of the month, it takes great restraint to remember our frost date is May 15, a full two months away

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