Legalese: Concerns When Setting Up a Direct-to-Consumer Operation

There are many aspects to running your own market farm - these forms provide a glimpse of the tax and legalese, just one area.

When you start growing for market, you only need to worry about growing good farm products and finding customers to buy them, right? Unfortunately, in today’s legal world, there are a wide range of requirements you’ll need to meet as a market gardener. Some of these issues cover public health; others tie into specific regulations while others cover liability if someone comes to your farm and is injured. Here are some common issues that come up when you’re establishing a market farming business and how to protect yourself and your farm against risk. when getting into business selling direct to the consumer.

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The Plot Thickens – GTTY February

Garden map drawn on a cold February day.

Gardening Through the Year!

Once upon a time there was a lawn, green and lush, well fertilized and safe from broad leaf intruders.  In the spring, as the days grew longer it began to grow longer, too.  When the mower approached there was something very wrong, the blades were set low, way too low.  Next a sprinkling of some unfamiliar grainy stuff.  What was going on? 

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