Crop Planning and Management Software

Synchronize schedules, inventory, record keeping and resources across fields and greenhouses.

Change the equation for your business by reducing costs, improving efficiency and customer service.

WORK SMARTER and GET BETTER VALUE for the time you spend scheduling your crops.

  • Market Farming Software to quickly schedule crops – vegetables & flowers
  • Calculate seed and tray requirements
  • Generate task lists and other Key Reports instantly
  • Field and Greenhouse schedules – printed or on-line
  • Check Field and Greenhouse utilization by week
  • Schedule key resources, synchronized to your crop schedules
  • Record Keeping made easy with one click for tasks done as expected
  • Easily export data for analysis and ad-hoc reports


Powerful and Fast Cloud based computing.
Built on an Industrial strength Microsoft SQL Server backend.


Key Functions

  • Scheduling -Create individual product schedules in three simple steps:
    1. Select one of your Growing Templates
    2. Specify Expected Harvest Quantity in terms of
      Inventory Units or Area Planted
    3. Specify either Planting Start or Harvest Start dates

    Everything else will be calculated for you using the Growing Template information you provided.  All Growing Template information may be adjusted on a schedule by schedule basis, without affecting the original.

    View schedules individually or in aggregate.

  • Recordkeeping -Report Milestone Starts, Completions and relevant quantity inputs, including production related notes.
  • Resources – Resource modeling capability allows you to determine requirements for dependent resources based on your schedules.
  • Task Lists – Your farm workers can access specific task lists related to their jobs.
  • Key Reports – View reports that display your plan and current status.
  • Growing Templates – A consistent logical approach to capturing your farm data and make it available to others working in your operation.


  • Microsoft Cloud-based -Nothing to install or maintain locally. Back-ups are done automatically. Independent of local infrastructure disruptions.
    100% available
  • Microsoft Azure SQL Server relational database – Industrial-strength: fast, powerful, and secure.
  • Browser-based – Works on any device with a browser; big screens and small – desktop, tablet and phone.
  • Multi-user – Unlimited simultaneous Users for your Farm business.
  • Access Anywhere – Access via WIFI or cell phone provider.
    Anywhere and anytime.
  • Data entry – User interface performs reasonability checks on your typed inputs to improve the quality of your data.
  • Quick, configurable – Export to spreadsheet and PDF formats.


Using simple, easy-to-use scheduling tools, you can reduce the time you spend planning.



During the season, stay up-to-date with all your data in one place, available anywhere, anytime.



You’ll have access to important data that can help to further your market farm’s success.

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