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Grower Manager (GM) is an easy-to-use cloud-based farm management software tool that enables market farmers and produce growers to reduce costs, boost efficiency, and improve customer service.

Time is money. You’ll save both when you use Grower Manager for your crop planning and scheduling.

  • Cloud-based, multi-user platform for easy access from any web-enabled device
  • Enter data once, and use it throughout the system
  • Quickly schedule vegetable and/or flower crops
  • Determine precise seed and tray requirements
  • Instantly generate task lists and other custom reports
  • Print field and greenhouse schedules
  • Easily schedule and budget your key resources
  • Check field and greenhouse utilization by week
  • Calculate harvest quantities and timing
  • Export data for analysis and ad hoc reports

From planning and scheduling, to planting, harvesting, and managing sales orders, GM will help you streamline your processes and increase efficiency, saving you time and expense.