Crop Planning and Management Software for the Business Minded Farmer

Change the equation for your business by reducing costs, improving efficiency and customer service.

WORK SMARTER and GET BETTER VALUE for the time you spend scheduling your crops.

  • Quickly schedule crops – vegetables & flowers
  • Calculate seed and tray requirements
  • Generate task lists and other Key Reports instantly
  • Print Field and Greenhouse schedules
  • Easily Schedule and Budget your key resources
  • Check Field and Greenhouse utilization by week
  • Recordkeeping made easy.
  • Easily export data for analysis and ad-hoc reports


Powerful fast and secure available anywhere from the Cloud. Try it today.



Using simple, easy-to-use scheduling tools, you can reduce the time you spend planning.



During the season, stay up-to-date with all your data in one place, available anywhere, anytime.



You’ll have access to important data that can help to further your market farm’s success.


Key Functions

Schedules and Activity Lists
Our farm model focuses on three well known activities; Planting, Growing and Harvesting, as the key points of control. We refer to these as Milestone processes and our Scheduling system calculates all the dates and quantities necessary to plan and control the processes. This same plan data is displayed in our focused Activity Start Lists and you can optionally record schedule progress and quantity outcomes using our fast and flexible Recordkeeping transactions. All the dates and quantities are consistent with each other and immediately updated if the plan changes.

We offer a single button Accept Start as Planned or, for those with greater variability, Accept Start with Changes. Or ignore recordkeeping completely. But if you do invest a small amount of time in the feedback, the benefits are worth it. The status of a schedule will always be up to date, and actual records will be much more useful when reviewing production outcomes.

Farm Data
We have a simple but complete catalog of screens and data inputs that capture and store your valuable farm data.  We also provide a unique system of methods that allow greater specificity in defining your processes.  That specificity comes from our introduction of three methods:

Planting Method, Growing Method and Harvest Method. These three definitions allow us to better understand the nature of your process and thereby facilitate better outcomes by anticipating your needs.

Lot Tracking
Track production Lots by using our recordkeeping screens

Production Notes
Add explanatory production notes for every production Milestone step.



  • Microsoft Cloud-based storage – Nothing to install or maintain locally. Back-ups are done automatically. Independent of local infrastructure disruptions. 100% available
  • Browser-based application– Nothing to install.  Works on any device with a browser; big screens and small – desktop, tablet and phone.
  • Multi-user– Unlimited simultaneous Users for your Farm business.
  • Access Anywhere– Access via WIFI or cell phone provider. Anywhere and anytime.
  • Data entry– User interface performs reasonability checks on your typed inputs to improve the quality of your data.
  • Quick, configurable– Export to spreadsheet and PDF formats.
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